Education and Outreach

The Biophilia Group offers professional workshops, environmental awareness trainings, community outreach, school visits, and social media content. 

Our planet is losing biodiversity at an alarming rate, and humans are largely responsible. When species go extinct, we lose something that cannot be recovered. There comes a point when decreasing biological richness will affect the functionality of ecosystems and the natural resources we depend on. Now more than ever we need dedicated people working to conserve species and their habitats.

Only through understanding can we learn to appreciate and ultimately protect what is important, but it’s difficult for many people to care about something they have never experienced. We believe that nature should be experienced first-hand, and at a young age, but a growing disconnect between society and the natural world makes this challenging. 

Fortunately, it’s never too late to become a biophiliac! Regardless of age, ability, or background, nature should be accessible to all. We hope to share our enthusiasm with others and spark a connection with nature so that future generations are able to experience the natural world and everything it has to offer.


Professional workshops
Environmental awareness trainings